Ryu Olivier Iwamoto


Ryu Olivier Iwamoto joined Júbilo Iwata of the J. League in 2015 after graduating from Kagoshima Josai High School. Ryu Olivier played soccer as a J. Leaguer for three years, which included a period of loan to another team. He played in 44 games in the League, scoring 5 goals.

Ryu Olivier enrolled in Hosei University after retirement from the League. He joined Real Tech Fund in 2020 following activities at a materials-related unicorn startup and other entities. Ryu Olivier performs a wide range of work as an associate, including investment/growth promotion and back-office operations.

Ryu Olivier is in charge of portfolio companies CellFiber Co., Ltd., which develops mass cell-cultivation solutions using cell fiber technology, and SUDx-Biotec Corporation, which develops and sells viral test reagents and devices.

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