Japan Fund 1 & 2


Miraikikai Inc.

Develop autonomous intelligent industrial robots which can withstand harsh environments

KINOTECH Corporation.

Regenerate high-purity zinc ingots from electric furnace dust and significantly reduce CO2 emissions compared to the conventional Waelz process


Aiming to standardize random numbers in the IoT industry by developing a true random number generator using the natural decay of nuclei

Man-Machine Synergy Effectors, Inc.

Develop the world’s first humanoid heavy machine and master-slave devices for large-sized robots

Amelieff Corporation.

Develop bioinformatics analysis and analysis systems for medical / biotechnology research


Develop cyborg robots to free humanity from hard labor and help people with disabilities

4D Sensor Inc.

Develop an ultra-high-speed, ultra-high-precision, and real-time camera using 4D Sensors’s proprietary moire analysis technology


Develop ultra-high-efficient, rare-metal-free organic EL light-emitting materials


Construct an open innovation platform for medical technology

Ory Laboratory Co., Ltd.

Develop avatars that overcome physical/ spacial challenges and achieve a world in which everyone can participate in society

iHeart Japan Corporation.

Develop regenerative medicine products for the treatment of heart diseases

Space Link Co.,Ltd

Develop an innovative carbon nanotube based capacitor ("Green Capacitor™") that is fast-charging and has high-capacity

Think-Lands Co., Ltd.

Develop drug delivery systems using cutting-edge hollow micro-needles

QD Laser Inc.

Develop eyewears for the visually impaired using semiconductor laser technology and wavelength control technology

Challenergy Inc.

Develop a micro-grid system using next-generation wind power generators

E-ThermoGentek Co., Ltd.

Develop a thermal power generation device using a flexible substrate

Order-made Medical Research Inc.

Develop antibody drugs using LIMAXYS method, an original antibody production technology


Develop innovative semiconductor mounting technologies


Develop a blood test kit (patient stratification kit) for schizophrenia and autism

Floadia Corporation.

Develop a non-volatile memory IP business that can be easily embedded at low cost

CLUE, Inc.

Develop control devices and systems for industrial drones

Intelligent Surfaces Inc.

Develop MPC polymer, a biocompatible material that mimics human biological membranes

NeuroSpace Co., Ltd.

Develop a cutting-edge hardware and software tool to enable quality sleep

Epsilon Molecular Engineering, Inc.

Design next-generation antibody molecules, such as camel single-chain antibodies (VHH) and peptide aptamers, in a short period of time with high quality to contribute to drug discovery and diagnostics

PlantX Corp.

Develop a plant production factory ("Culture Machine") and plant growth management system ("SAIBAIX")

Institute for Q-shu Pioneers of Space Inc.

Real-time earth observation using small radar satellites

AMI Co., Ltd.

Developed "Super Stethoscope" a stethoscope with an automatic diagnosis assist function for cardiac and respiratory diseases

Natsume Research Institute, Co., Ltd.

Utilizing pupil analysis technology to quantify emotions

ANSeeN Inc.

Develop ultra-high-resolution X-ray sensors for manufacturing, security and medical applications

Light Touch Technology Inc.

Develop the world's first non-invasive real-time blood glucose sensor that does not require blood sampling

AKT-lab. Inc.

Manufacture high-purity functional materials using a unique single crystal manufacturing technology that does not use crucibles

ispace Inc.

Develop lunar landers and robots to provide transportation and surface exploration and data collection on the moon

Integriculture Inc.

Develop a general-purpose large-scale cell culture technology that can be applied to bio-reagents, cosmetics, supplements and cell-based meat.

Lighthouse Inc.

Developing an IoT platform to improve the efficiency of fishing vessel operations

Wonder Future Corporation

Investing and accelerating Real Tech startups with innovative technology that contributes to solving problems of the earth and humanity.

Aqua Fusion Corporation.

Develop "AquaMagic" an innovative underwater visualization system (sonar)

Metro Weather Co., Ltd.

Develop a wind status monitoring system using a compact and high performance Doppler Lidar

Ball Wave Inc.

Develop measuring instruments using their highly-sensitive, fast-responding and non-invasive "Ball SAW Sensor" chemical sensor

Farmnote Holdings Inc.

Develop Farmnote, a smart agricultural system using IoT devices and cloud analysis technology


Develop an imaging cell sorter that combines different technologies such as optical imaging technology, multidimensional data processing using machine learning, and microfluidic technology

aba Inc.

Detect and visualize excretion using odor sensors, for everyone that requires nursing care

Langualess Inc.

Develop an innovative heartbeat detection sensor capable of capturing heartbeats without fur procedures and a pattern classification algorithm to infer autonomic nervous activity from HRV

Eco-Pork Inc.

IDevelop "Porker", a pig farming management system

Japan Fund 3


AgroDesign Studio Inc.

Research and development of pesticide ingredients (active ingredient compounds) which are environmental friendly and safe for humans


Developing fibrous aluminum nitride single crystal material called "Thermalnite"

CellFiber Co., Ltd.

Development of mass cell culture solutions using cell fiber technology

SUDx-Biotec Corporation

Developing innovative, quick and highly accurate virus testing using glycan nanotechnology

Global Fund 1


Shiok Meats

Devloping cell-based crustaceans products (Shrimp/Crab/Lobster) that is animal-, health- and environment-friendly

NDR Medical Technology

Development of an automated needle targeting system that enables surgeons to perform minimally invasive tumor biopsies and other procedures

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