Real Tech Fund invests into Shiok Meats, the first cell-based meat company in Southeast Asia and the only company developing cell-based shrimp [English]

Real Tech Fund invests in cell fiber, developing high production cell-culture technology to increase availability of cell therapy treatment

Why do regional financial institution invest in Real Tech? Discussing the future of reagional financial institutes and rural areas of Japan

Calling for 7 companies that commit to solving social issues of Japan and South East Asia

The challenge of The Senshu Ikeda Bank, how to solve local issues in Osaka and beyond

Real Tech Fund invests in U-MAP, which develops innovative materials to solve the world's "heat problem

Real Tech Fund portfolio company Man-Machine Synergy Effectors, signs capital tie-up with JR West

Real Tech Fund makes additional investment in Eco-Pork, to achieve sustainable pig farming

Real Tech Fund portfolio company ThinkCyte raises 1.65B Yen in Series A round

[Event Report] Gathering startups from Japan and South East Asia, "TECH PLANTER Global Conference"

"Glocal Deep Tech Fund" completed its initial round of applications and has begun investing in regional Real Tech Startups

Real Tech Fund portfolio company IntegriCulture, raises 800M JPY in Series A round

The first-ever Southeast Asia Startup Conference co-hosted by Liberace Realtec Holdings.

Real Tech Fund portfolio company EME has succeeded in acquiring antibodies that inhibit the growth of the new corona virus

[Announcement] Real Tech Holdings, Inc. apoints its new director and relocates its headquater

Launching "REAL TECH FUTURE", a future creation business to promote "Solutions for Deep Issues" and "Frontier Development"

Real Tech Fund makes additional investment in AMI, developing a "Super Stethoscope" for remote medical care

[Announcement] Correspondence of Real Tech Holdingsto regards to the new Corona-virus

Formed "Real Tech Global Fund 1" to invest in Real Tech startups in South East Asia

Formed "Glocal Deep Tech Fund" to invest in regional Real Tech startups in Japan

The "Real Tech Venture of the Year Award" was presented

Real Tech Fund reformed its management structure and strengthened its supporting system for startups not only in Japan but also South East Asia.

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