4 Startups were awarded at the “Real Tech Startup of the Year 2020”.
Polar Star Space Inc., MI-6 Inc. and  Eco-Pork Co., Ltd were awarded in the “Startup category” and Fulldepth Co., Ltd was awarded in the “Growth category”.


Overview of “Real Tech Startup of the Year”

This is an award system that focuses to recognized startups with high potential but not yet been showcased to society. We have been honored to award 38 startups since 2015 that develop their business that have high-originality, novelty, and growth potential in the Real Tech area. We aim to present a role model for the next generation entrepreneurs and raise awareness to build more Real Tech startups in the future.

We award startups that are founded within 3 years as the “Startup Category” and startups that are over 3 years, as the “Growth Category”.


Program Schedule

1) Opening Speech from Yusuke Shinozawa, XXX, Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.
2) Winning Presentation
- Yukihiro Takahashi, Director of Polar Star Space Inc. 
- Mitsuru Irie, Executive Officer of MI-6 Inc.
- Takashi Kambayashi, CEO of Eco-Pork Co., Ltd
- Ito Shohei, CEO of Fulldepth Co., Ltd
3) Closing Speech from Yukihiro Maru, Group CEO of Leave a Nest Co., Ltd.


Awarded company

<Startup Category>

<Growth Division>

Eco-Pork Co., Ltd



CEO:Takashi Kambayashi

Sustainable pig farming from Japan!

Core Technology

Developing automatic pig raising optimization system management software "Porker"


Fulldepth Co., Ltd.



CEO:Shohei Ito

Dive into frontier

■Core Technology

Developing “DiveUnit 300'', a drone that can dive 300m into underwater for industrial use


MI-6 Inc.



Executive Officer: Mitsuru Irie



Achieving the 100 years “Norm” 

■Core Technology

Materials informatics that brings innovation and efficiency to material development


[News Flash] 4 startups were awarded as “Real Tech Startups of the Year”

Polar Star Space Inc.


Director: Yukihiro Takahashi


On-demand remote sensing technology that achieves high-frequency and accuracy providing solutions

■Core Technology

Spectral remote sensing using microsatellites, drones and smartphone spectrometers etc.