(Educational & Awareness project) Conducting education and enlightenment activities to promote understanding and acknowledgement of Real Tech.

(Consulting business) Providing new business consulting services to corporates and supporting policy planning for governmental institutes.

(R&D Supporting business) Supporting R&D that leads to invention of Real Tech.

The Power of Technology,

to the Force of the Future.

We define "Real Tech" as R&D-based innovative technology that contributes to solving problems of the earth and humanity. We are an organization who envisions to build a better future, together with researchers and entrepreneurs that are committed to their passion and beliefs. We strongly believe that social implementation of Real Tech can contribute in solving deep-issues and can change the world.



In order to create a better future with the power of Real Tech, it is essential for us to have a variety of features. Real Tech Holdings currently promotes various projects in two core businesses; Investment / Development and Future Creation.

Investment & Acceleration business

Investing and accelerating Real Tech startups with innovative technology that contributes to solving problems of the earth and humanity.

Future Creation Business

Working with stakeholders in various fields to solve everyday problems and to develop business in a new frontier.


Real Tech Fund Invests in NDR Medical Technology, a Singapore-based Medical Device Startup Developing Surgical Robots with Artificial Intelligence and Image Processing Capabilities

Calling for 7 companies that commit to solving social issues of Japan and South East Asia

Real Tech Fund invests into Shiok Meats, the first cell-based meat company in Southeast Asia and the only company developing cell-based shrimp [English]


Recruiting Information of Real Tech Holdings

Growth Manager(Japan)


As an important partner to the management team of our portfolio companies, you will be primarily responsible for supporting the development, improvement and implementation of the business plan (including the procurement of the necessary human and financial resources), as well as assisting in the search for partners and structuring of M&A transactions, and negotiating contracts with external partners as needed. In our new fund, you will also deal source for startups, execute investments and support the growth of new startups.

Growth Manager (Global)


You will be involved in all aspects of investing in Southeast Asian startups. This includes deal sourcing, negotiating and executing new deals as follow investor in mainly middle state startups. In order to boost the growth of our portfolio startups, you will facilitate joint research, joint development and business development with Japanese companies. You will also support the IPO in the Japanese market and facilitate M&A transactions to Japanese companies.

Team Developer


As a team developer, your main mission will be to assist our portfolio startups with their senior management recruitment. You will manage recruiters, recruit people yourself, plan recruitment fairs. In addition to contribute to recruitment in the short-term, you will also be responsible for creating mechanisms to activate the influx of talent into the real estate industry. Moreover, you will be responsible for a wide range of other tasks necessary for the growth of the startup teams, such as providing HR consultations and supporting organization development.

Recruiting Information of Portfolio company

Challenergy Inc.


Develop a micro-grid system using next-generation wind power generators


<Positions Available>


  • Control Engineer

  • Electrical Engineer

  • Mechanical Design Engineer

  • Construction Management Engineer"

Amelieff Corporation.

Develop bioinformatics analysis and analysis systems for medical / biotechnology research




<Positions Available>

Life Science Division
Medical Systems Division


  • Data analysis engineer, systems engineer

  • Systems Team Manager

  • Interns

Man-Machine Synergy Effectors, Inc.

Develop the world’s first humanoid heavy machine and master-slave devices for large-sized robots


<Positions Available>

  • Administrative and clerical staff (general affairs and environmental maintenance)

  • Electric (weak and strong electric) design and production engineers

  • Mechanical design and manufacturing engineer

  • Secretary

Miraikikai Inc.

Develop autonomous intelligent industrial robots which can withstand harsh environments


<Positions Available>

  • Mechanical design engineer

  • Overseas marketing and sales

  • Management and Governance

Ory Laboratory Co., Ltd.


Develop avatars that overcome physical/ spacial challenges and achieve a world in which everyone can participate in society

<Positions Available>


  • Application Development

  • Accounting / Finance 

  • Hardware Development

  • Business Development

  • Sales Manager

  • Software development

  • UI Design

Eco-Pork Inc.

Develop "Porker", a pig farming management system


<Positions Available>

  • Back-end Software engineer

  • Interns

AgroDesign Studio Inc.

Research and development of pesticide ingredients (active ingredient compounds) which are environmental friendly and safe for humans


<Positions Available>

  • Synthesis chemist

  • Drug discovery researcher

CLUE, Inc.

Develop control devices and systems for industrial drones


<Positions Available>

  • Server Side Engineer

  • iOS Engineer

  • Designer

  • Digital Marketer

  • Leader of Marketing Strategy

  • Public Relations

  • Offline marketer

  • Leader of Accounting

  • Recruitment / HR"


Company Name

Real Tech Holdings Co.,Ltd.

Capital or Capital Stock

50,000,000 yen

Date of establishment

February 3, 2020


Akihiko Nagata, Yukihiro Maru

Business Contents

Investment & Acceleration business, Future Creation Business

Head Office Location

Center of Garage Room02, 1-16-3 Yokokawa Sumida-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, 130-0003


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